sriddie asked:
If Marzia and Felix ever get married, what do you think their kid will be like...?


Do I look like I’m psychic? 




Anonymous asked:
my friend told me that she heard a rumour that felix n marzia r engaged idk if this is true or not but look out for a ring

They’re not engaged. 

osnapitzkatti asked:
Do you ever answer questions? If you do, here's a question. Have you ever cried over hate comments or messages? What was the most offensive one you've ever gotten? I was just asking because I have been so curious all my life I've been subscribed to you. You seem like such a happy and carefree person, and you never really react to hate comments in your videos or the comments section. So, I decided to ask you. Tanto amore, sei fantastico! ♥


Hi! I’m not going to lie, I have cried or felt really bad about some mean comments, but it’s usually not to the obvious “troll comments” but to the ones that are coming from marzipans. If a random person leave a very offensive comment I don’t care at all, but if something mean comes from a subscribers…that really hurts. In this last case I try to answer back to the person to try and understand what I did to make her upset over something, try to understand the situation, and then I try to solve the problem so everyone is happy. :)

officialburrito asked:
How would you feel if pewds and marzia got married ???

Anonymous asked:
131, 135, 138, 139

uhm..depends if I like him back..If no I tell him and it’d probably get really awkward but I’d bare with it

can’t remember

Something in the middle


Anonymous asked:
Congarts! Your blog is so awsome you wan a free hug! *Virtual hug*

naw thank you! <3 

gabe-the-plague asked:
Hi there, don't know if you're swedish or not, but since you're a Pewdiepie fan, could you (or someone who knows) create a gif (with sound if that's possible) from Cat Mario when he shouts "Du ska fan inte komma o knulla mig" / "You're not coming here to fuck me"I would apreciate that ALOT, that line (the way he says it) cracks me up everytime xD (It's Cat Mario 3 The Abomination Continues, on 2:09)

I don’t think it’s possible to make gifs with sound, but I can maybe add that part of the video and make a gif without sound if that’s fine?